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GKN Clean Room


Client: GKN

Budget: £700,000      Service: Construction of new Clean Room 8 and adjacent rooms/facilities.

Brief Description: Construct a new Clean Room and amenities - area measuring approx. 1400m2 within a fixed completion date.

Trevor Jones Contracting successfully secured the package on budget.

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Work undertaken

TJC undertook the entire project from a stripped out building (by others), including all construction works and the novation of the design for M&E which was then modified to suit the required value engineering from the Client to meet budgets.

Whilst the walls, floors and ceilings played a large part in the overall appearance and function of the project the main areas of expertise were from the Lighting and Air Handling that was required to meet the high levels of specification from the Aeronautical Industry.

Strick lighting levels of 1000lux had to be met/measured on completion, along with heating and dehumidification levels to in the main areas.

The site was located within an existing building that had been stripped out to a shell by the client before the project commenced.

Areas of Identified Risk

All reasonable steps were taken to minimize risk, including ensuring all traffic movements were accompanied by suitably qualified banksmen, and traffic movements were minimized by having set delivery times outside peak pedestrian periods.

The site was fenced off with appropriate signage and any hazardous materials were kept in a secure area. All deliveries were coordinated correctly and minimized in peak times. The clean room is now fully operational and to client specifications.

Identified areas:

  • Restricted/shared access due to the adjacent site which was managed by another contractor.
  • Adjacently occupied building during the works.
  • Alterations and extension to existing mains services.
  • Working at height/falls from height.
  • Loading and unloading of deliveries.
  • Decommissioning works by client concurrent with works in adjacent areas.
  • HAVS: slips, trips and falls; silica dust; noise.
  • Manual handling and musculoskeletal disorder


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