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HMS Collingwood


Client: BAE

Budget: £2 Million      Service: M&E and Building Service

Brief Description: The total refurbishment of a two storey building (1000m2) at HMS Collingwood Fareham.

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To create a test facility for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, to house an integrated internal network electronics. The ships computer control system. 

All the core processing equipment designed for the new Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Complete building strip-out including waste management and asbestos clearance. A total of 300kW of bespoke air conditioning systems including close control systems into seven test rooms and temperature control to open plan operation room.

Construction of a new raised access flooring system throughout to facilitate the Naval power supplies and also act as the ventilation plenum for the A/C systems.

HV sub-station serving new facility.

Full electrical installation design and construction, including 50 / 60Hz mains distribution for naval equipment, lighting, power, full bespoke metal cable management installation and fire alarm system.

Installation of Class B secure wall systems, internal and external security doors including electronic access, CCTV and security systems.

Full design and interior decorations.

Complete design and installation of soft furnishings and bespoke furniture.

Design and construction of an exhibition room and a management viewing room

Site design and build by netguides